Howard Shapiro

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Reform Rabbi, Retired, Teacher, Community Activist, Learner, Listener.

Seeking wholeness both in my life and in the world around us.  Finding meaning in Jewish tradition and sources.  Discovering spirituality in repairing the world and myself.


7 thoughts on “Howard Shapiro

    • Your thoughts and musings bring to my mind my favorite show ending it is Bernstein’s Candide.

      ” Let dreamers dream
      What worlds they please
      Those Edens can’t be found.
      The sweetest flowers,
      The fairest trees
      Are grown in solid ground.

      We’re neither pure, nor wise, nor good
      We’ll do the best we know.
      We’ll build our house and chop our wood
      And make our garden grow.
      And make our garden grow!”

      To both I say, amen.


  1. Reading your blog brightens my day. The emotion you write with and how I see nature through your eyes is exhilarating. Looking forward to the next! Ivy


  2. I must thank you for your Shabbat/Selichot gifts on the URJ offering , and for your truly inspired and inspiring, eloquent and poetic “unplugged” but electrifying midrashim! You are a gifted teacher and writer, as you moved me and touched my inner reservoir. I feel the same ways about walks, flowers, and about searching for perfection in vegetables! May your soul continue to blossom.


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