One No Trump

one no trump

There was a great article by Nicholas Kristof in the Sunday Times a week ago. It is called “A Confession of Liberal Intolerance”. He writes about us liberals, and talks about how willing we are to listen to all kinds of points of view, want to bring everyone to the table, no matter what their color, gender identity, national origin, faith, culture, unless they are conservatives, and especially conservative (read Evangelical) Christians.

It resonated with me in this political season. I mean we were so concerned with the rhetoric of the Republican Right and we along with practically everyone in the Media so underestimated Donald that we couldn’t believe that we would wind up with him as the “presumptive nominee”. I secretly believe that somehow the Republican Party will come to their senses and there will be a miracle in Cleveland. I have so far declined to sign my name to a “Rabbis Against Trump” movement saying to myself, it is too early, too soon, this too shall pass.

I also fantasize that Mr. Trump will stop the act and show us that he is more than a great showman and the best barker in the circus. He will become Presidential as they say and address the real issues facing this country without resorting to name calling and hitting people in their under bellies. I would like to be faced with ideas that challenge me even if I can’t agree. I think Kristof’s point that we learn from those who challenge our assumptions and beliefs is right on target. There is nothing wrong with an honest argument. I would like to know more about how we effectively control the immigration issues without a wall and who will pay for it. I am curious how his policies would grow the economy, raise the standard of living, put people back to work, make America great again, cut taxes and keep businesses from fleeing our shores.

I would like to be faced with one of the fundamental challenges the Rabbis faced when compiling the Talmud. What do you do when people disagree; when principles clash; when all parties believe that they are right and their reading of what is right for America is the one and only position to take seriously? You look at motives; you examine the core; you seek out basic truths. The Rabbis taught: “Kol Machloket…. Every argument for the sake of Heaven will in the end be of permanent value, but every disagreement not for the sake of Heaven will not endure.” They tell us it is ok to disagree; it is ok to have your principles challenged. We learn that way.

Eileen and I play bridge with friends – one of whom is way more bridge savvy than the rest of us.   She says that one no trump is the hardest contract to make. The cards are usually fairly evenly divided and no one has said very much so it is hard to even guess who has the strong cards and what is in each player’s hands.

Not a good way to pick a president.


12 thoughts on “One No Trump

  1. Hi!

    I think this post is really excellent. I enjoyed reading it and thinking about it…very scary… Thank you for creating and sending it!

    I hope all is well with you, Eileen and the rest of your family and I hope to see you soon.

    Take good care, Susie Bush

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  2. Thanks for this reflection. Let’s hope we can hear some serious issues discussed seriously in the months ahead. But I’m not optimistic.


  3. Excellent!
    i read Kristof’s column too, but you have deepened this argument by going back to Talmudic interpretation. I admit that as much as Trump’s style repels me and demagoguery scares me, he really does say some things like they are – although that does not include anything he says about himself.
    I try to spend some time on the Fox news site every week as a spiritual discipline; trying to look through the window through which so many of my congregants see their world. It seems like a fun-house mirror at times, but then at other times, I’m caught up by the fact that the “lame-stream media” does ignore some things that probably are newsworthy, like the FBI’s continuing investigation of Hillary Clinton, whom I support. I continue to worry that the smoke that both the FBI and CIA appear to be interested in may lead to fire breaking out before November.
    Thanks for thinking deeply and writing clearly about this.


    • I would never have thought of watching FOX as a spiritual discipline – but you are right – it is a challenge = thank you for that thought/ ps – I also worry that November is far away and who knows what fires may break out


  4. Brilliant. No one trump. Such a strong metaphor that will stick with me and with your permission shared with others!


  5. Clever way to make this important point. I once read that intentionally opening up to views that are opposite to the ones we hold is actually good for the human brain, and of course, humanity.

    Sent from my iPhone Jacquelyn Browne, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.



  6. I have read and listened to bill kristol for years. I don’t think I have ever agreed with him on anything. Until he said recently that he will vote for Hillary. Now I am with him.


  7. Excellent… All should acknowledge the discontent in our country and find a way to figure this out. Thank you again. Always thoughtful.


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