There was a new moon last night. In my sky it was bright white, a sliver of its fullness, floating against a black sky. It was warm with promise. It spoke of what is yet to come. It came at a good time, reminding me of what is real and what is not. It was the Elul moon of preparation.

Yesterday we spent the day packing. Or to be more accurate, yesterday we spent the day unpacking and repacking. The guidelines for the trip are “duffel bag, no more than 24 inches, no frame, small wheels”. We will be gone for a good portion of September so what to take, what to leave behind; what to carry forward, what to assign to the unnecessary pile. But unnecessary is such a grey word. What if it is colder than we anticipate; what if it rains; what if the mosquitoes are out in full force (unlikely this time of year)?

Prepare for every eventuality? Not in 24 inches. (I know people who are really good at this, I admire their decisiveness.) Or is it trust? What we call in Hebrew – bitachon. Trust that they can weather almost any eventuality. Trust that they are prepared.

There’s that word again. Prepare; fortify yourself that you are ready. Ready for a new moment, a new year, a new experience, a different way, a new path. Switch gears. Engage the clutch. Gradually let it out and find that sweet spot where when you press the gas, you move forward slowly, smoothly, gliding through the unknown, like last night’s moon.

I promised myself that today I was zipping them up. It is hard to carry when it’s open.
Things just keep falling out. Gotta make that leap of faith. Done. Done. Done.
But you know, I know, it’s never done, just finished for now. Thank God we can begin again. That’s the season you know; that’s the blessing of last night’s moon.






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  1. Travel safe and lite….. As long as you have each other – you have all you need! (tell that to Eileen when it rains and you don’t have a rain coat). Here’s to continuing new experiences!


  2. How perfectly apt for this moment. Gliding through the unknown–yes, preparing for that. Might not be the most elegant glide… Glad we had time wit you and Eileen last night. xx J

    Sent from my iPhone Jacquelyn Browne, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.



  3. Your words are always so inspiring. My right foot is on the floorboard. I’m going as fast as I can. Trying my best not to look back. Have a great trip.


  4. I hate to pack!! Maybe this will make it better. And now that I am done planning the wedding I am reflecting on how and what I want to fill my “extra” time with. Where I want to press the gas too.

    Xooxxo Adrianne



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