Winter Is Coming


Winter is coming. I mean that literally. We spent Thanksgiving in the mountains of Western North Carolina and I had to use the defroster this morning to de-ice the windshield. As the days grow shorter, the leaves have returned to the earth. The sun is weaker; the night darker; the stars brighter and the trees declare there is strength in standing tall and firm against the shortened day.

Winter is coming. I mean that figuratively. It is the motto of the House of Stark in the Game of Thrones. The Lords of the North listen to the warnings that ride the whirling winds constantly vigilant of what might be coming. They know from darker days what can happen. How the laughter and the light can turn; how the life and love and liberty we presume to be inalienable can be snatched and taken. It is a time of watching, waiting, preparing, assessing: Are dark days coming?

Almost every email I receive from a variety of progressive, inclusive, liberal organizations I have supported in the past are warning me. They tell me that now more than ever, I need to donate to their cause. I hear their plea. The signs are less than positive and that is coming from this writer who the day after the election wrote give the President-elect a chance. The office just might make the man. And it might. It’s just that almost every appointment seems to confirm our fears. It’s just that we are correctly sensitive to images of white men raising their arms in prototypes of “Sig Heil” salutes. And I want my President whether I voted for him or not to condemn what that represents in the boldest, strongest, virulent form. It’s just that it hasn’t, yet – made the man.

Or I am not convinced. I don’t want to think it’s the end of the world, as we know it. After all lights are twinkling in the malls and shopping centers. Cars are being driven south in caravans a pilgrimage to the sun. We are doing everything we can to light up the dark. This waiting is hard.  It is not like other times.  Can’t just go through the day thinking the news will take care of itself. Had an email from a friend: If “they” set up a national registry for Muslims, we should all declare ourselves Muslim. I worry it is Vienna 1936.

It’s so easy to project the worst. We Jews do that well. Winter is coming. Time to get dressed for the cold.



11 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming

  1. As always, your thoughts are balanced and thoughtful. We all need to be concerned if there are serious actions taken against any of our society, and need to be willing to step up to defend the least among us. Blessings, Tom


  2. At age 75, I have done sit-ins and marches I have watched as my children protested and now, thanks to longevity, I have the “pleasure” of witnessing my grandchild march and protest.
    “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” ― Edmund Burke
    Time to go back to the university days (sadly, I can’t let my hair grow long again) but the spark of right and freedom still burns


  3. Hoping that history is not so much a circle as it is a spiral. Bad things may, indeed, happen. But I’m hopeful that the moral center is stronger than it was in Vienna in 1938. I’m also hopeful that the awesomeness of the responsibility will break through the illusion that this is just another reality TV role for our new President. “Hopeful” means I have given up my expectations.


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