The conditions seem to be right for me to try and write again. I am sitting in a quiet spot of the airport and someone just offered me a mint julep to celebrate the upcoming Kentucky Derby. Even though it is missing the bunch of mint leaves, it is a definite boost to my creative juices. And I have the time – 2 hours till my flight even boards and that’s assuming it is on time. But enough of this – although you should also know that they are offering free hot dogs to celebrate the coming of summer.

But that’s not the point – none of it. Yesterday was garbage day at my house. In the process of clearing the “stuff” off the kitchen counter that was to be discarded, I threw away a collection of keys. And of course I realized it after Waste Management had already collected curbside and the truck was long gone. The good news, we are not locked out of anything we know of. These were not keys to the car or keys to the house, they were a pile of keys tangled together, unsure of whose they were or what they opened. Maybe a key to a neighbor; maybe a key to a residence before this one; maybe a key to a locker in a gym we no longer belong to. Even a key to the Temple’s sound system cabinet – all of which gone and replaced, I’m sure.

All day long it bugged me. What is open and what is locked and what is a key anyway? It is more than that metal silver, bronze, multi-toothed instrument which when inserted right side up into a receptacle causes gears to tumble and worlds to open and expand. (I never realized how potentially sexy that is.). It’s like this bourbon that is lubricating my mind. I was kind of “down” when I realized these keys were gone. The stupidity of it all; the gnawing feeling of not knowing what it meant that these doors were closed now; had I limited access to whatever tomorrow might bring. Had I closed openings and opportunities? I want to know I can peek behind the opening and see what prize is behind Door #3 or whatever is the opposite. Or not.

No one knows the future. And the key you hold or the key you threw away won’t open that lock. You can only open tomorrow by living today, by going to sleep tired and waking up to a new dawn, a new opportunity. It is a blessing every moment offers though not a promise of eternal sunshine. It is the very sacred and challenging reality of choosing and choices. What will I do with this new dimension? How will I make it work for me? Not why; not woe; not paralysis of will, but forward, slowly forward, towards wherever Life may take me. Today is the key to tomorrow.

My quiet is gone. There’s this guy sitting opposite me, incessantly making love to his cell phone in Spanish (maybe Italian). I am such a mono-linguist American. I can’t hear anything but him. My inner voice is locked. Where are the keys?



10 thoughts on “Keys

  1. It is ironic to read your article on ” Keys” since I have just finished a book “Algorithms To Live By” and the term “key” is important in the usage in algorithms via computer usage. It, in some circles, may come down to Science vs Odds but unlike your position of not knowing, there is an alternative known as the “37% rule”. Instead of waiting for the door to open to see what is offered, one can examine the potential choices and the world that they populate and make a selection based on your perceptions. This not only gives you a better understanding of choices but a new kind of appreciation. Unlike the relationship to “Hal” in “2001 a Space Odyssey”, the algorithm usage in a “computer-human” context can give new incite into our selves but also the world. It need not be a blind opening of a door to the future.


    • You are way smarter than I am – how does your examination of the potential choices give you new incite into yourself?


      • It underlines and makes you consider the hopes and fears and evaluate what appears to be realistic vs dreams, I am in Cleveland where it is 43 degrees and has been raining for two days. Who is smarter?


  2. This is one of the best articles I have seen. I will use it one day in a sermon (in your name of course) Love ya, sharon. >


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