Vision, Mr. President

I woke up to white fog. We have no window coverings in the bedroom so the fog was immediate and the trees were covered with a luminous mist. I like to think we were sitting in a cloud. So I did my morning stuff (including a mug of coffee) and stepped outside still in my sleep clothes and said this is what that ad on Facebook was talking about when they were trying to sell me a $99 course (in three installments) on how to take effective and creative pictures with the camera on your phone. Think of the foreground and consider the lighting – the soft light of early morning is more forgiving than a bright sunny day.

So I took some pictures, trying to remember and execute what the guy in the video said. I’m posting two. (I’ve never posted two in my blog before). They are kind of self explanatory – but a word or two. sunflowers fogThat’s a wildflower garden, well actually it’s where the vegetable garden was until this year when for a variety of reasons, we (the gardener and I) agreed to throw some seeds out there and let the zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and blue potatoes rest.) We added sunflowers cause they are Eileen’s favorite. It’s kind of wild looking and unkempt but every morning there are new colors and something else has taken center stage. The other is my favorite birdhouse that we bought at the Pickens Flea Market one summer. I love it hanging in that trio of trees, a silent sanctuary of sorts. I like to think it’s safe haven for those who need it.birdhouse

Peace, Fog, Clarity, Vision, Beauty, Haven, Heaven. What a weekend we had in our country; the torch lit marches on Friday night in Charlottesville by white supremacists carrying poison flags of hate; the Saturday demonstration ending in violence and death; the sad sad aftermath of a police helicopter crashing, burning, killing two officers charged with keeping peace and order; the racist chants; the anti-Semitic slogans; the failure of our President to speak with moral clarity or authority. It took three days for him to name this evil. The sun burned off my fog faster than his reaction. By the way, I’m not living in a cloud anymore.

I see him for who he is and if my perception is wrong and he is not a racist than stop pandering to those who are and be the voice of America that we can be proud of. Leaders lead – lead us to healing; remind us of the beauty of this land and its people of so many stripes, stars and colors. Lift our spirits and give us a vision of what a softer tomorrow can look like, one where the morning fog glistens in the rising sun, gently watering the ever changing beauty of this garden we all share. Be our sanctuary of reason and teach us to hope and not despair. Yes, be strong when strength is called for, but not mean, vindictive, venomous.

The morning mist and fog is good for a garden, not for my President:  Vision, Mr. President; Clarity, Mr. President; Honesty, Mr. President. Hope and Direction, Mr. President.





12 thoughts on “Vision, Mr. President

  1. Nice pics and great essay. – While there is always hope, I don’t think the president is capable of being the leader this country needs. Very disturbing, sad, sad times.


  2. Howard,

    This is a wonderful “unplugged”.

    I have been so disgusted the past few days, that your note had a good feeling about it.

    My wish is for a wonderful peaceful world. This is so possible, and why can’t the world understand these feelings

    Bud Tamarkin


  3. I am afraid that our President’s vision is not the vision you are referring to in this blog. He frightens me. Loved your words and pictures.


  4. Loved the photos and your commentary. We have good people in this country, but lately all we hear about is the hate. Thank you for your uplifting thoughts.


  5. How I wish I could curl up among the beautiful wild flowers in you garden, each different but living together in peace and harmony. Oh I know that there is a weed or two among them, but will never be permitted to take over the beauty of the garden, or our country. This also applies to the “madman” we have in the White House.


  6. The next natural phenomenon ill be the TOTAL eclipse on the 21st affecting your magnificnt mountain location when you will be
    in the ‘dark’ for 2+ minutes; beyond the fog, beyond vision. Hoe tragic that the President , in essence, thru his words & actions,
    perpetrated an overwhelmingly dark place for our beautiful country.
    Love to you both, Phyllis & Mel


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