Who’s In?

3 billboards

This is what greeted me on my phone from a New York Times feed yesterday morning. Deadly shootings in schools — that is, the killing of children in sanctuaries of learning — have become a distinctly American ritual, the rote responses as familiar as a kindergarten recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. It is the day after the day after the school massacre in Parkland, Florida and 17 funerals have already started.

Everyone I speak to is disheartened, sad, frustrated, angry that all our politicians do is offer platitudes. Is it ok with them that the new normal is that the American Flag flies at half-mast? I have posted and shared on Facebook cute and clever cartoons that Nicholas Cruz isn’t an immigrant, isn’t Muslim, signed petitions, sent money ….

But I haven’t done this:


Open the link. Even if you have to copy and paste it. I’m in. I have no idea how much a billboard cost – but imagine billboards all across America. Something’s got to shake up our elected officials. Something has to move the needle. I believe in the power of prayer to inspire us to live and act on our values. I believe in the power of prayer to help us console the bereaved. But prayer can become platitude. And our politicians pray for the victims. How about this? “Who rises from prayer a better person, their prayer is answered.”

Help our society become better. Remove easy access to automatic rifles. Tighten background checks. Do what has to be done to make our society safer, our schools sanctuaries of learning and not fear. Raise our flag to wave proudly across a nation that values life over guns.

So I mean it – Who’s in?


Or I’m open to a better idea – but doing nothing is not an option.




6 thoughts on “Who’s In?

  1. Hello Howard. It’s way to early to be discussing possible remedies to school shootings. We need to let time pass so we can all be less emotional and more rational about why these things happen and what we can do about them. Hmmm. How many years has it been since Sandy Hook. Maybe it has something to do with who the NRA funds when its election time. The top 100 receivers of NRA money are led by John McCain, at $8 million. I think the next 97 are also republicans, who always vote for the NRA agenda. Even when the CDC wanted to do research on school shootings, the NRA and Republicans voted that down. The pretend president has not mentioned “guns” since this latest atrocity. We all need to vote in November. That’s the only way we’ll be able to change anything.


  2. Very powerful! Thank you! I’m in too. Not sure exactly what that means yet, but it will become clear and I will get involved. It’ll begin with forwarding your blog to many. The billboards, btw are brilliant.

    Ronald Browne The Years Ahead 561-301-4131 Ron@TheYearsAhead.com

    60 North Market St – #107 Asheville, NC 28801

    “That’s the thing about later. You don’t know what’s coming up. You don’t know about how all the loose ends are going to gather together.” – Sam Shepard



  3. So rabbi, do you have a plan, a call to action for us? I will be happy to help organize something… First step is probably finding out what these mobile Billboards cost. And I’d like to see Billboards like this replace the anti- choice Billboards up and down Florida state roads!

    Perhaps I am behind on this. Is someone already organizing a billboard Brigade? Rabbi? Peter?


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