Ten Things You Might Like To Know About Me


Ten is not just a run of the mill number.

Ten is ten

Like in plagues and commandments

Fingers and toes

Martyrs and things you might like to know about me.


I am New England shy


I push myself to get out there.

My comfort zone

The back right corner of the elevator.


I care deeply

About you and who you are

I’m just not convinced

I have everything you think I do.


And so I write with humility

And with reverence

For the word and for the reader.

I respect and value your attention and time.


As I get older

More mature or wiser

If Pew would come and survey me

I would probably identify as

“Spiritual but not religious”.


But it’s more complicated than that

Isn’t it?

It is always more complicated than that.

Sometimes I am a little disingenuous.


I am proudly and deeply Jewish.

I live in Jewish time – most of the time –

Jewish symbols, rituals, days and foods

Move and delight me.


I love Israel

The place, the people, the dream

The hope, the promise, the land.

I am disappointed in Israeli politics.


I love being unplugged.

That means I love the freedom to be

The kind of person I want to be

The kind of Rabbi that is authentic to me

Yoked to no one else’s image or expectations.


One wife

One Son, One Daughter, One Son-in-law

Five Grandchildren


I am blessed


5 thoughts on “Ten Things You Might Like To Know About Me

  1. Hi Rabbi,

    I run a small non-profit Jewish urban organic farm in Denver that grows food for food shelters.
    Last year, with the help of 1,500 volunteers, we grew and donated just under 12,000 pounds!

    Anyway, someone forwarded me your recent post, “My Garden Does Not Let me Mourn”
    I’m wondering if you’d allow me to share it in my community newsletter this week.

    We’ve recently suffered VERY damaging hail which put our entire season at jeopardy, and ahead of Tisha B’av, I thought your article was very uplifting.

    Please let me know about sharing. aaron@ekarfarm.org

    Thank you.

    Together we grow,
    -Aaron Ney


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